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Endless hugs
Toucan, rhinoceros, fox, fawn… The merry Lilliputiens gang brings together a multitude of species, each with their own particularities. Rest assured, no matter which one your child chooses, they are all extremely soft. From the small easy-to-handle soft toy to the maxi soft toy on which to rest, an everyday partner like a decoration for your child's room, discover our range of Lilliputiens soft toys.
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A life companion, a friend, a presence for your child, the soft toy regardless of its size, color or shape is an essential element for your child. It reassures him in his moments of solitude. Its presence at bedtime allows the child to better live the separation from his parents. The soft toy is a landmark and a source of comfort for young and older children.

Plush toy participates in the development of children. It has great educational value. You just have to surprise a child in conversation with his toy to understand how these two characters are linked. A close friendship and a genuine relationship develop between them. This companion is then a means of awakening and imitation.