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The lives of Stella and her friends are as hectic as those of children. Meetings, games and discoveries punctuate their free time, but also their first years of school. Lilliputiens then offers the most suitable equipment for their school and vacation adventures... Sturdy suspenders for Marius, a place in Joe's backpack for his magic wand... and his snack, of course. Discover the Lilliputiens School and Leisure collection. Games, picnics or a day at kindergarten, the happy band is always there for your child with its colorful tones and elaborate designs.
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Is your child going to nursery or kindergarten?

This is a great moment for which you have to be reassured and well prepared! With his Lilliputiens backpack, your little one will have a faithful and caring friend who is always close to him. In his soft backpack, you slip all the essentials of your baby who leaves for his day well equipped! For the back-to-school season of little adventurers, fall for a Lilliputiens satchel now: with their A4 or A5 formats, they are a concentrate of fun and practicality. Find Joe, Marius, Alice and Stella in our collection of Eco Friendly schoolbags!

Always ready to play or for a snack break

Outdoor games and board games are among children's favorite activities! Including pastry, for the greediest. For moments of sharing and playing indoors and outdoors, our designers have thought of everything: from the essential apron to cake moulds, including racing and coordination games! And for a school outing or a snack outside, consider the lunchbox and water bottle to slip into your child's picnic bag.