The faithful companion
Jack the lion's mane is so soft! Alice loves it and can see herself wearing it too, she couldn't help but run her hands through it. However, this royal fur is the property of the Beast King. Your child also needs a cuddly little confidant to hug, his true friend, his cuddly toy. Discover our range of cuddly toys that will console your children and accompany them throughout their growth and beyond.
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The cuddly toy, like the thumb or the pacifier, materializes the link between the baby's internal world and the outside world. This infant goes out to meet what is around him. He finds that the universe he discovers is full of surprises!

The comforter or the pacifier are substitutes that allow him to cope psychologically with the changes. They have the function of reassuring baby. It is for this reason that the majority of the infant's thoughts and activities are centered around what are called transitional objects. Thanks to them, the child can open up more easily to others as they grow up.