Our Values and History

Lilliputiens is the story of two ''Made in Belgium'' enthusiasts. Created in 1995 by two friends, the brand has embarked on a quest to create the very best soft toys.

Mission accomplished! Today, the Lilliputiens family really has grown, and continues to astonish with its colour pallets, range of materials and its universe populated with fantastically endearing characters who delight children. Welcome to a world of discoveries and early learning where creativity is king!

Smart, sparkling, bonding

Immerse yourself in a world full of little wonders with the Belgian creator of quality toys, Lilliputiens. Offering lots of surprising adventures and pure pleasure, the irresistible Lilliputiens collections delight the hearts of children and adults!

The fabric and wooden toys, books, school bags and backpacks, bath games and recipe books are full of fantasy and were created to entertain and support the little ones in their development. Intelligent activities and unexpected details stimulate their mind, while the colors, shapes, sounds and textures appeal to the child's senses and tickle his imagination.

The typical characters of the toy designer mark the collections with their personality (and their joie de vivre!). From Pablo the toucan, to Alice the Fox, from Jack the lion to Ignace the donkey (and many more!), each character is unique and adds a big "wow" to the moments of play!

Always inspired by parents, grandparents and of course by their little darlings, the creative mums team designs toys with imagination and integrity. Safety, corporate social responsibility and the smallest possible ecological footprint are essential in this regard. Our evolutive toys are therefore not only good for our children, but also for future generations and the world of tomorrow.

Discovering the colorful and stimulating world of Lilliputiens together is a precious moment between child and parent that creates memories that will remain engraved throughout life.