Reversible book

One story, two beginnings
What happens when two friends go on separate yet similar adventures? And when two stories meet in the same book? Find out with Anaïs, Marius, Georges and Alice! In the reversible children's book, our friends learn to take on different points of view and above all learn from others: great stories to begin with... By the end?
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I learn with a reversible book

Designed for children from the age of 3, these children's books have a particularity: two stories are told at the same time, they come together and thus allow our heroes to learn one the other ! Our reversible books express the difference of point of view and the opposites... Which are not so many! Beautiful lessons on self-acceptance, which break stereotypes and change the perception of things on a daily basis.

A stimulating story

With their Lilliputiens reversible book, toddlers develop their vocabulary, visual acuity, fine motor skills and imagination. They also invite reflection and discussion when reading, when our dear friends go through certain emotions or have different points of view. For children's stories rich in learning!