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Ignace has always enjoyed discovering and apprehending the world around him. Watching the ants in the hollow of a tree, touching the bark, hearing birds singing not far away, so many senses that will also be developed thanks to the multitude of Lilliputiens activity panels. And to find out which day is best for exploring or planting, Ignace uses his pretty calendar! Discover all the activity panels and calendars, and thus develop your child's fine motor skills and vocabulary.
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Objects to slide, doors to open, characters to discover, the activity panels are the key to a baby's awakening. They have a multitude of small educational toys to stimulate the child's senses and arouse their curiosity. Discover all of our activity panels and let your child explore alongside the happy Lilliputiens gang. Made of wood, Lilliputiens activity panels are resistant over time. These can represent a fire truck, a farm or even a radio. Some panels feature a small finger puppet in the likeness of one of our favorite characters such as Ignatius the donkey or Marius the rhinoceros so that your child can create his own stories.

For the older ones, our designers have created children's calendars full of activities to help them find their bearings in time. Available in several languages and colors, our fabric calendars allow children to learn the days of the week, the months, the years and the seasons. From the age of 4, the child also takes pleasure in displaying his mood for the day or the activity planned for the day. A real daily ritual very useful for enriching his vocabulary, stimulating his fine motor skills and teaching him to better find his way in time!