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Challenging and fun
How about taking part in the story? As if by magic, the merry Lilliputiens gang has crazy adventures in our activity books. More than a story to tell, there is always a hidden character, a labyrinth to navigate, a puzzle to solve, and above all great learning for all ages. Discover our selection of activity books and take the time to dive into an interactive story with your child.
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Learning with an activity book

At Lilliputiens, we love it when our toys have several uses! Here, the cloth activity books offer: tender stories with your favorite characters, an educational side by addressing themes such as morning/evening rituals or the arrival of a baby, and a stimulating side with elements to manipulate on each page! Even the little ones from 18 months actively participate in the story and develop their fine motor skills.

Children's stories to share, but not only!

Ideal for a moment of play or quiet time, Lilliputiens activity books can be devoured alone or with others. You can stimulate your child's vocabulary by inviting him to name the elements that make up his fabric book, or tell him the pretty story it tells. As your toddler grows, he will enjoy telling the story on his own or even imagining new ones! By developing his dexterity, he will have fun discovering and replacing the toys inside: a new way of playing!