2 to 5 years old
Stella the fawn, always dressed, never neglects her style even when she goes to school. Sometimes she opts for a backpack, sometimes for a satchel, in the schoolyard, she impresses all her friends. Discover the collection of Lilliputiens satchels and school bags to find the one that will best suit your child's back-to-school season.
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Make every school day a joyful time!

Leaving your house and toys all day to go to school: what an adventure! Lilliputiens has thought of everything: schoolbags full of life and surprises, which make children smile and want to find the classroom (and friends) every day! Their little extra? The detail that makes the difference at the front: a twirling cape, funny little ears, or even a rocket... Find the school bag with the face of your child's cuddly toy or his favorite stuffed animal, or the one that expresses all its personality for the start of the school year!

A pretty and Eco Friendly schoolbag for the start of the school year

Our A4 format schoolbags are ideal for a child entering kindergarten. With their waist straps, adjustable straps and sparkling look, comfort and style are guaranteed! You will also find an insert to write down the name of your toddler, essential for the days in class which are well paced! Inside their Lilliputiens satchel, the little ones slip their A4 format notebooks, their water bottle or even their cuddly toy. Choose an Eco Friendly school bag for an environmentally friendly bag for school.