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For your child's room
How to decorate your baby's or child's room? With our Lilliputiens decoration of course! Touch, grind…. ... nothing breaks. Soft and robust materials, funny prints, we feed the inner world of boys and girls with magic. Our pretty, colourful objects, illustrated with cute characters, are the starting point for many incredible stories!
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Find the ideal toy
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Decorate your child's room

Are you looking for decoration ideas for your baby’s or child's room? We have design products with original fabrics to offer you! Our mixed creations in the world of the jungle or the forest in blue, pink or multicoloured tones are full of originality: our characters go on an adventure on lanterns, baskets, armchairs or secret storage units. You can rest assured that your child's imagination will be satisfied!

Personalized decoration

Do you want a decoration to do yourself? Do you want to offer a very personal, customized gift? With our letters of the alphabet, you can enliven the first name of a new-born baby, a little boy or girl. The person can then receive the letters inhabited by our characters in a small pocket and then make a nice garland for a colourful wall decoration!