Content published on Instagram with the mention #Lilliputiens or @Lilliputiens

Conditions of use by the JURATOYS Group


By “content”, we mean the photos and videos that you post on the social network Instagram.

By “JURATOYS Group”, we mean our company JURATOYS and our European subsidiaries which have undertaken to respect the conditions herein.

By “use” we mean the republishing of content on the following channels:

       • On the websites of JURATOYS and its subsidiaries.

       • Including, in the website newsletter,

       • On the social networks of JURATOYS and its subsidiaries (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook accounts, etc.).


We love seeing our games and toys featured on social media.

The content that you publish on the social network Instagram and that you voluntarily mention with the hashtag #lilliputiens, tags and mentions @lilliputiens are made visible to our Lilliputiens teams. They are at that time likely to attract our attention and be selected for use by us.

Please note that we systematically ask and collect your authorization prior to any use:

If your content is selected from the social network Instagram, you will receive a comment from our teams via the official Lilliputiens page (@lilliputiens) to ask for your agreement. By responding with the hashtag “#YesLilliputiens”: :

  • You give your authorization to the use, by the JURATOYS Group, of your content, under the conditions of these conditions of use.
  • You also agree to these terms of use. As such, we ask you to take particular care in reading the box below:

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when you accept the use by the JURATOYS Group of your content using the hashtag “#YesLilliputiens”, you certify:

  • That the content is a photo or video which is yours and that therefore, if your photo or video is original, you are the owner of the copyright on this content.
  • the content does not infringe the rights of a third party, is not infringing. You have ensured that you only create content from elements free of any third-party rights, not registered and/or in the public domain.

We explain how we use your content in Part II. and how your data is processed in part III. Beforehand, a few words to find out how your content can be selected by our teams (I.).

I. How can my content be selected?

1. Make my photo visible

You can tag your photos directly from Instagram with the mention of the official Lilliputiens account (@lilliputiens) and/or by using the hashtag #lilliputiens and the mention @lilliputiens in the description of your post.

Remember that your profiles must be “public” so that we can see your content. Otherwise, your content will not be visible and therefore cannot be selected.

Please ensure that you only include the above mentions on content for which you are able to certify the information in the box above.

2. Content selection criteria and conditions for being republished

The Lilliputiens teams will select content that highlights and highlights at least one product from the Lilliputiens brand and respects the identity and universe of the brand.

Content must not highlight brands competing with our Lilliputiens brand.

We only select content where there is no recognizable natural person.

If, however, you meet these criteria, our teams apologize now for being disappointed. It is essential for us to make a choice given our commercial and marketing policy and the very large number of content.

3. I give my authorization

If your content is selected by our teams, they will contact you as specified in the preamble. Your consent is mandatory. After your agreement using the hashtag “#YesLilliputiens”, the JURATOYS Group may use your content under the conditions and for the scope of use specified below in II. “What does my “#YesLilliputiens” authorization imply? ".

II. What does my “#YesLilliputiens” authorization imply?

1. Conditions and scope

You authorize, free of charge, the JURATOYS Group to use your content for the scope specified below. This implies that you authorize our company JURATOYS to transmit the content to our European subsidiaries so that they can use it for and in accordance with the scope and to retain the content for storage and archiving purposes, in compliance with the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data.

Operating mode

Purposes: commercial, marketing, advertising, promotion and communication relating to Lilliputiens products and the Lilliputiens brand. The content may be used, including partially, to be able to adapt it to all its formats, by cropping for example, zooming, truncating the image, etc.

  • On the websites of JURATOYS and its subsidiaries (including the mobile version) on the product sheet, on the home page, on inspiration pages, etc.
  • Including, in the website newsletter,
  • On the social networks of JURATOYS and its subsidiaries (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook accounts, etc.).

From your response with the hashtag “#YesLilliputiens” for an indefinite period, note that you have the possibility of making known your request for deletion of the content according to the method described in article 2. “How can I reverse my acceptance and request the deletion of my content? " following.


Territory of all countries.

This authorization implies, if your content is of an original nature, an authorization in the sense of transfer of the copyright rights over your content (rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation of the content) under the conditions and for the scope described above .

To avoid any ambiguity, we specify that teams have no obligation to use content. Furthermore, we make no commitment as to the duration of use of content. We are free, without notice and at our sole discretion, to publish content or not, to delete published content, etc.

As long as the above conditions and scope are respected by the JURATOYS Group, no action (including on behalf of third parties) of any nature whatsoever linked to the use of the content can be taken.

In the event that a dispute concerning the content is issued by a third party (counterfeiting for example), particularly in the event that the conditions specified in the preamble box are not respected, you undertake to provide your support.

2. How can I revoke my acceptance and request the deletion of my content?

You can request the deletion of content published by us at any time:

  • By contacting our customer service:
  • By sending a private message to our Instagram account @Lilliputiens

III. Processing of personal data

The personal data charter in Appendix 1 specifies the rights and obligations relating to the processing of personal data.

IV. Competent court and applicable law

These conditions of use are governed by French law.

In the absence of amicable settlement of the dispute within a maximum period of three (3) months, for any dispute relating to the contract in particular the validity, interpretation or execution of this agreement, jurisdiction is granted to the French courts.