Awakening mat and playpen

Marvel from birth
Looking above him amazed by the details of the forest, feeling the different textures while walking on the leaves lining the ground, Joe the dragon was a happy baby from the moment he was born. You too can delight your baby and let him marvel at the colorful tones of the joyful Lilliputiens gang with play mats and playpen towers bearing their image.
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The activity mat is an essential accessory for baby's development. Indeed, it allows them to evolve in complete safety alongside the merry band Lilliputiens. Many activities make up the activity mat such as rattles, mirrors, small openings or even hiding places for cuddly toys. The awakening mat facilitates the development of baby's motor and cognitive skills by stimulating him thanks to different stimuli (sound, visual and tactile). Detachable, awakening arches are also integrated into the mat. They promote awakening and stimulation in a comfortable position.

Give your baby playful and soft support with a playpen! Soft, colorful and with a multitude of built-in toys, a Lilliputiens playpen ride is the guarantee of long moments of fun, independently or with family. To stimulate baby's senses, we've designed our playpen towers with an emphasis on contrasting colors and a variety of patterns and materials. Comfortable, they invite to explore thanks to embroidered labels, small mirrors, protruding ears... Our playpen towers are easy to modulate for parents and machine washable.