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to enjoy the good weather
Alice the vixen, at the edge of her wood, breathes the fresh air of the surrounding pines. Between the clearing, the river, her friend Joe's house, Alice spends all her time outdoors. Discover all the outdoor games of the cheerful Lilliputiens gang so that they can enjoy the beautiful sunny days.
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Outdoor play is an essential foundation for child development. The benefits of the sun's rays as well as exercising while having fun with friends in a yard, garden or park are two elements that make outdoor play an essential part of a child's life.

Outdoor family challenges, but not only

Sharing and emotions in perspective with Lilliputiens outdoor games! What could be more fun than challenging yourself with family or friends? Take advantage of the good weather to race or beat your record at the throwing game. With children's first tennis or juggling set, everyone challenges themselves to surpass and exert together! To play outside or inside, for a birthday or to play alone, Lilliputiens offers you classic outdoor games such as skipping rope, or innovative ones such as the chase.