Fabric photo album

Beautiful memories
The happy Lilliputiens gang is a real family for Rosalie the cow.Once a year, she goes to the mountains because the grass is greener there. To always have her friends near her, she never leaves without her photo album! Discover the collection of Lilliputiens photo albums and your child will always keep his loved ones in his heart.
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A photo album is a must-have in a child's life. It can accommodate photos of him or his loved ones and thus be able to take them everywhere with him. In addition, when your toddler grows up, he will be happy to leaf through the fabric photo album to reminisce or find out how he and his loved ones were a few years back.

Baby's first photo album

Customizable with your child's photo on the front, the Lilliputiens photo album can hold up to 10 photos. The precious memories it contains will be well protected! Suitable from the age of 9 months, you can use this first photo album to immortalize the first pictures of your baby or members of his family: ideal for memorizing faces and names! It is also a great gift idea for a birthday, and the ideal place to keep the memories of this great celebration.