Activity cube

What surprises!
Alice the vixen is known to be cunning and a good gamer. When she was younger, before turning to pastry, Alice was in constant search of surprises and discoveries. One day his mother gave him an activity cube and his days became very busy. Discover the different Lilliputiens activity cubes and let your child enter an environment prone to little extras.
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Multi-activity cube for babies

Give your child an early learning toy with an activity on each side! First, baby observes and discovers the decorations and characters that make his fabric cube so rich in discoveries. But now there are elements in relief that the most curious will want to touch or pull! Lilliputiens activity cubes are designed to stimulate all the senses of little ones with a wide variety of materials, colors... And sounds!

So many surprises with this sonic fabric cube!

When your child grows up, he discovers all the surprises his activity cube has to offer: colored labels, hidden mirrors, handles to pull… What will happen? Take a closer look at this activity toy and discover a fun little story to tell your child! Fall in love with the unique style of the cube and melt for the endearing story illustrated there: wonderful moments to share with baby.