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One beautiful summer afternoon, Stella looked out the window and saw her mom perform. From then on, she knew it was her way, to do like her mom and impress her audience with fantastic choreography. Discover the range of Lilliputiens imagination and imitation games so that your children can learn by doing like the grown-ups.
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From his first months, your child will want to imitate everything you do. Over time, it will become a habit or even a real game for him. Imagination or imitation games promote independent play but also develop social skills. Playing with his peers or adults also enriches his vocabulary and allows him to interact with the world around him.

From puppets to mini-stuffed animals, including vehicles and wooden characters, Lilliputiens places the child's imagination at the heart of its creations. The colorful and fun universe of the cheerful Lilliputiens band offers your child the keys to growing well.