2 to 5 years old
When our friend Joe the dragon leaves to join his friends for the day, the list of his essentials to take with him is long: his magic wand, his magician's hat, his comforter, his snack... It's a real challenge to carry everything ! Luckily, his most essential item of all is his backpack. In a jiffy (or a wave of a magic wand), all his things are stored and ready to go! Fall for a backpack too, and find the perfect little bag for your child's outings.
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A backpack for the nursery

Baby or toddler enter kindergarten, and it is necessary to take their little things with them to guarantee their comfort and manage the unexpected. With a Lilliputiens backpack, even the little ones take their essentials with them for a day of discovery at nursery or daycare. In their little backpack, you can easily store the cuddly toy, the change of clothes or the pretty drawings! The cute faces of our endearing characters are always represented on the front of our soft backpacks.

Soft or eco-friendly backpack

Our selection of children's backpacks offers you a wide choice of shapes, materials and even characters! Which of the donkey Ignace, Alice the vixen or Marius the rhinoceros will make your child crack? The compact size and comfortable shoulder straps are real assets for our animal backpacks. With their ears on top and their little snout in front, our cheerful band is easily recognizable at the nursery or on outings! We choose the materials used in the composition of our eco-friendly backpacks with the greatest care: cotton straps, recycled polyester... It's class in the playground!