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Fancy a challenge?
Hop, right in it, Alice without training goes on strikes, her friends don't stop her anymore and can only be impressed by her talent. Unless it's Marius hidden next to the skittles who makes the ground vibrate with his big paws. Alice's mischief knows no bounds. Discover the Lilliputiens collection of skill games and watch your children win without cheating, of course.
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Dexterity on the program with games of skill

Here's a great idea for developing the motor skills of the little ones: a cute bowling game or a fun throwing game! Ideal for helping your child develop their coordination and concentration, the Lilliputiens game of skill is always fun and colorful. From 18 months, babies discover the game at their own pace and progress day by day while having fun! Offering a game of skill to your child is always a good gift idea for a birthday. What a joy to see your toddler progress as he approaches the target!

Challenge alone or with others

Looking for a challenge? Who will beat the high score? Offer a juggling or bowling activity to your child and have fun with your family! Outdoors or indoors on a rainy day, a throwing game will occupy several children at the same time for a long time. This is an opportunity to learn to take turns, but above all to aim straight! Give another dimension to your game of skill by counting the points or by naming the characters that are part of the game: ready, set, throw!