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Develop their dexterity
Balance is the domain of Anaïs the flamingo, standing majestically on one leg, she masters it with the tips of her knuckles. But what she prefers above all is having fun piling up the pebbles occupying her pool. Discover the collection of Lilliputiens stacking toys to help your child develop their dexterity and organization.
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Activity toys dedicated to baby's motor skills

First attracted by the vibrant colors and fun illustrations, baby will then begin to grab his cubes to move through them with his fingertips. Soft and full of surprises, it's a real pleasure! Your child progresses and understands that he can stack his activity cubes to create a pyramid: a concentrate of learning essential for the good development of your toddler.

Pyramids, vocabulary and surprises!

This is what Lilliputiens stacking toys offer. Find Alice and Ignace in charming worlds, such as the farm or the jungle, to awaken baby's senses! Stack the cubes, name the characters, then turn everything upside down to start all over again: a treat! Give your child a stimulating development toy now!