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For school or the holidays
Backpacking means being ready! To meet the demanding temperament of your backpackers, we have designed this sturdy luggage collection, with ergonomics and waterproofing commensurate for toddlers. We offer surprising travelling companions for them at the start of the nursery or primary school year or when travelling! Because every adventurer is a child at heart.
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Find the ideal toy
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On a trip or for a weekend

Little backpackers need waterproof luggage adapted to their morphology when travelling or going to the crèche! Bags, banana bags, kits or suitcases must be easy to carry and waterproof. That's why we offer soft backpacks (small size) or trolleys with ideal dimensions for small travellers. On a stroll, ready to explore, your children will need toilet bags, picnic bags, handbags or cold-packs: our creative moms have thought of all that!

At school

Preparing for the start of the new school year is quite a program: think about school supplies, notebooks, picnic... But especially the nice school bags that will carry all that! Your child is going back to nursery or primary school and you are looking for original schoolbags to accompany them during their first days in the big leagues? At Lilliputiens, our schoolbags and backpacks have ingenious systems with solid seams and adjustable straps that follow ergonomic principles for small schoolchildren. They will be able to carry their notebooks but also their school kits with our characters with peace of mind. Our creative moms never forget to give priority to fun thanks to original prints but also and above all to safetyFind a store near you to get one of our creations Off we go!