From 3 months
Joe gets his magic from the works of his grandfather Walter. Thanks to them, he uses magic and spells to make life easier for all his friends. From an early age, your child needs to discover, learn textures, the first letters and emotions... All of the Lilliputiens books, whether they are in fabric, activities, learning or bathing, have been designed to meet your child's needs. Discover a world full of color and wonder thanks to Lilliputiens books.
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From 3 months, your child is ready to listen to a thousand and one stories. Reading is a time when your child will be able to look at the images of the book that you present to him while listening to your reassuring voice. During the first readings and stories, his attention span is momentary. But little by little, he will become interested, want to handle the books and point to the images that arouse his curiosity.

At Lilliputiens, the culture of "little extras" makes our books real toys in their own right. A multitude of details make them rich, such as the presence of a small finger puppet, elements to open or move or even the softness of the textures that will accompany your child at bedtime.