Safety first

Safety first

Lilliputiens designs with a heart for our planet

At Lilliputiens we make colourful and educational toys that help children learn to discover the world around them. Safety, corporate social responsibility and leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible are extremely important to us. Our evolutionary toys are therefore not only good for our children, but also for future generations and the world of tomorrow.

Suppliers, packaging and transport

For Lilliputiens, it is important how and by whom our products are made. We select our partners ever so carefully. We enter into long-term contracts with our suppliers and opt for partnerships with companies which, like us, are willing to take steps to make the world a better place. We make our packaging as small as possible and avoid plastic wherever possible. We do not use individual polythene bags. And where we use plastic for packaging, it is recyclable, designed to store toys. We also organize transport as efficiently as possible. ‘Bright minds’ in our logistics department are busy working to solve the most complicated transport puzzles so as to avoid having to ship half-loaded containers.

Clean work floor

We carry what is already taken for granted in the private lives of our employees over to the work floor also. Every employee has a personalized bag with crockery and cutlery. In this way we avoid unnecessary waste and excessive washing up. Each one then sorts his or her waste and we print as little as possible.

Evolutionary and sustainable

We make evolutionary toys for now and for the future. This means that a child can always discover something new and enjoy it for a long time. Whether it's Pablo, Anaïs, Georges or one of our other characters, we only use premium materials and pay extreme attention to quality. As a result, our toys will stay beautiful for a long time and can be passed on to brothers, sisters or a next generation.

Testing until it is 100% safe

Our toys are tested according to the highest safety standards. The materials we use are carefully selected, continually re-assessed and subjected to the strictest tests (EN71, AZO, CADMIUM, Phthalates, saliva, ASTM). All our coloured and printed fabrics come with an AZO FREE certificate. This certificate guarantees that all the dyes we use are non-toxic. The colours on our wooden toys are water based. Each toy is tested extensively by accredited external laboratories and meets the strictest standards. Even our smallest toy has passed countless tests!

Did you know that in our autumn-winter collection 2020:

• All the packaging consists of recycled cardboard.

• All the toys have a 100% recycled stuffing.