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Develop their senses
Little Red Riding Hood when she was a baby spent her days playing with a small stuffed toy to which her grandmother had hung a multitude of small colored bells. It was then that she had her first activity plush. Discover all the Lilliputiens activity soft toys and your baby will be carried away by the colorful tones, the quality textures and the different sounds.
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Colors and softness, awakening of the senses, the stuffed animals with activities allow the blooming and the opening to the world of the child by the sounds and the textures. They consist mainly of small bells, teething rings, rustling paper, mirrors, so many elements that contribute to baby's development.

Activity soft toys can refer to reassuring toys, sources of hugs, but they offer many other possibilities for exploration for toddlers. Babies of 6/12 months often observe this type of toy very carefully and study all of its characteristics: head, limbs, pockets, etc. They are very attentive to small hidden elements.