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From 4 years old
Which of Ignace or Alice is the most greedy? The cute sin of our friend the donkey is chocolate. For our cunning vixen, the cheesecake wins! To bring their culinary ideas to life and prepare the chocolate cheesecake of their dreams, our two friends really need a recipe book. Let yourself be tempted by our recipe books for children, and delight young cooks or big gourmets!
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Play pastry chefs with recipes for children

With our children's cookbooks, you can set up your first pastry workshops with children from 4 years old. They imagine themselves as little cooks and learn to follow the instructions step by step, for good times in the family kitchen! Available in several languages, our recipe books allow children to create their first desserts, their first fruit recipes or their all-chocolate recipes: what delicacies!

Take their first steps in the kitchen with a cookbook

Preparing meals is part of everyday life: your child observes the older ones who transform seemingly simple ingredients into delicious dishes! He is very quickly curious to learn how to do the same, and all the more proud to taste what he has prepared. By offering him his first cookbook, you are helping him take his first steps towards culinary experimentation and autonomy in the service of taste!