Child washcloth

Wash like the grown-ups
Walter was very close to his grandson Joe. In his memories, he still sees his grandpa washing his face with his favorite glove in which he had sewn a little face to tell him pretty stories. The Lilliputiens washcloths collection is always made up of two washcloths, one for the parents, the other for the child to make bath time a real moment of sharing.
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A washcloth in organic cotton for the bath

Washcloths for children make the link between parents and their child. During bath time, the adult can grab the glove and wash his toddler while he plays with his own glove at his size. It's super fun to learn how to wash ourselves while having fun! Bath time then becomes a time expected rather than feared to play and rest while washing.

At Lilliputiens, washcloths are delivered in two copies, a small one suitable for the child's hand and a large one for the parent. In addition, these eco-friendly cloths also serve as puppets, they then come to life under the gestures of the parent before the baby himself reproduces the gestures in turn. A multitude of stories can then be told during this privileged moment of family sharing.