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Jack the lion pays particular attention to knowing the name of each of the animals inhabiting his savannah. The giraffe, the toucan, the rhinoceros, but sometimes he forgets some and he then refers to his picture book. Discover the range of Lilliputiens picture books whether they are for the bath, accordion or not, your child will take part in the discovery with Jack and his friends.
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The picture books for babies are the first learning book, they allow the development of baby's vocabulary by flirting with colorful illustrations and very soft fabrics. Page by page, the child will discover the characters of the merry Lilliputiens gang and will be able to associate them one by one with the animal to which each corresponds.

The work of the picture book on the child revolves around observation, understanding and memorization, but that's not all. It also raises awareness of written language. The baby then discovers that there is a link between words and objects. In addition, the picture book is the perfect book to be able to experiment with the pronunciation of words. Parents and children can then play together.