Our characters

Lilliputiens are a happy tribe of funny and endearing characters. A wonderful collection of animals who cheerfully cry out: Let’s Play!

The Team!

  • Joe

    Discover all the creations of Joe, the friendly dragon

  • Stella

    Discover all the creations of Stella, the happy fawn.

  • Louis

    Discover all our creations featuring Louis, our not-so-frightening wolf.

  • Marius

    Discover all creations of Marius, the rocker rhino with a tender heart

  • Alice

    Discover all the creations of Alice the cunning vixen.

  • Jack

    Discover all creations of Jack, the party lion

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Discover all creations of Little red riding hood. She's a naïve little girl, but above all fearless.

  • Ignace

    Discover all creations of Ignace, the rebellious donkey

  • Pablo

    Discover all creations of Pablo, the joking toucan.

  • Georges

    Discover all the creations of Georges, the agile lemur.

  • Anaïs

    Discover all the creations of Anaïs, the lovely mum flamingo

  • Rosalie

    Discover all creations of Rosalie, the sweetest cow ever.