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2 to 8 years
The time has come for great epics and the desire to do like grownups do! On the programme: create rituals, share them -- and have fun -- with new friends. We get caught up in the game of imitation, we invent and we learn in a playful way! Our toys, from dolls to outdoor games to learning boards, are ideal for girls and boys as of 2 years of age.
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Find the ideal toy
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Your child is growing up!

Your little boy or girl is forging his or her personality and looking for a certain independence or autonomy. This is the age of imitation: he or she likes to mimic adult gestures and facial expressions. That's why, from the age of 2, infants and their accessories, the Indian tepee or wooden and neoprene vehicles are ideal to give him or her free rein to mimicry. His or her fine motor skills also continue to develop, and that is why a construction or assembly game such as our jungle blocks or our cars or tractors can help him/her in that regard.

From nursery school to kindergarten

At 2, 3 and more years of age, your child is in full learning mode as it starts school. It is the beginning of a great experience, a period during which it is important to guide and support your child with educational but above all playful games, such as our panels for learning the rituals, days, months, and seasons. In the playground, the child likes to play, to exert itself, and catch its friends in a crazy race! Outdoor games are an ideal gift for your child if it enters kindergarten or primary school! Our creative moms have not finished satisfying your little ones -- always with their wonder and safety in mind.