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Play with Rose and her friends
Rose the baby needs affection, attention... In short, a new friend for life! A benevolent friend who will take him to discover the wide world. Invent, imagine, imitate... Thanks to the dolls and the accessories associated with them, your child will be able to soak up your actions and gestures to in turn learn to show empathy and bring all kinds of stories to life. her doll. Discover our range of dolls and accessories and let your toddler's imagination come to life.
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The doll is part of the child's imagination and becomes a real play partner. At first, the little ones reproduce events from everyday life with their doll. Later, they unleash their creativity and invent stories where their soft doll has a role to play. By playing to imitate adults, your child will gradually create bonds with his doll which will help him develop empathy. It's a great gift idea for a first birthday.

Accessories for dolls, whether clothes or bassinets, have been designed to create a universe around first dolls. The accessories participate in the appropriation of the doll by the child and thus allow it to be personalized to tell even more stories.