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from 0 to 12 months
Growing up in its cocoon, baby communicates with the outside world through softness and playfulness. We have created toys with sizzling and crackling effects, in different universes, from the savannah to the forest, through the jungle, which reveal their subtleties over time. Materials, movements, colours... an ideal, well thought-out birth gift for a budding researcher aged up to 12 months.
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Find the ideal toy
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From birth to discovery

From birth, your child is immersed in a new world in which his or her senses are awakened. During the first year of life, stimulation games such as spirals or nursery accessories such as the stimulation mat will stimulate his or her sensitivity, motor skills and movements. At 3 months, the child gets stronger, becomes curious, gets acquainted with his cuddly, all kinds of stuffed animals and toys to hang. At home or at the crèche, your 6-month old will have fun putting toys such as teething rings in his mouth, as the first teeth will soon appear. At the age of 10 months, the child points, touches and pushes objects and continues to develop its senses and motor skills. All these toys have been carefully imagined by our creative moms, concerned about the development but also the safety of each child.

A world full of wonders

Whether a boy or a girl, your new-born baby will enjoy discovering our animals with their ever so surprising respective worlds: the savannah, the forest, the farm or the magical world of Louise the unicorn. Ignace the donkey, Marius the rhino and much more are ideal gifts for your children or the babies around you. Don't forget to capture all these precious momentsof play in a photo album that you can show your children later!