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We water, we sprinkle, we splash!
Pablo the toucan, when the sun rises in his lush jungle, loves to play in the puddles of the last rain. He jumps in and plays with a large palm leaf as if playing with a boat. Bath time for the child is a time of pleasure and sharing with his peers. Discover the Lilliputiens bath toys collection and make bath time the most anticipated moment of the day.
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In the bath or in the pool, bath games are always welcome to amuse little swimmers! We water, we sprinkle, we splash, in short, the bathtub becomes a real playground! If you don't know which games to choose to have fun in the water, we offer you: magic bath books from 3 months, a bath basketball hoop from 18 months to improve motor skills, adults or toddlers. small boats from 6 months that float on the surface of the water with our characters on board or even bath balls or fishing games!

The material of the bath toy is essential to avoid mold. This is why we opt for neoprene and silicone, safe, soft and flexible materials that allow easy maintenance. It's simple, you just have to rinse your toys after each use with cold, clear water and then leave them to dry in the open air.