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12 months to 2 years
Mom and Dad supervise the adventure, but nothing holds back the explorer anymore. Neither very small, nor yet quite big, between 12 months and 2 years old, he is already curious about the World. He develops his motor skills, he learns to walk, he imitates, thinks, takes an interest... He refines his gestures by proudly brandishing his open-ended toys that make him autonomous.
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Find the ideal toy
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Your baby explores the world

He or she starts to move, crawl, continues to explore his/her early toys and gets to know his/her first dolls. Our creative mums have designed dolls, stacking toys, finger puppets and a whole bunch of open-ended toys to take everywhere to accompany baby in the stimulation of his motor skills in complete safety. Your 12-month old is beginning to develop his character, he is not yet fluent in speech but is making himself understood. He also likes to do and redo the same things to assimilate them better: stacking cubes, throwing the bowling ball, covering or uncovering a doll.

Is your child already standing or walking perhaps?

Each child evolves at its own pace. To accompany them through each important stage, we have created toys to teach them how to walk, whether at 12 or 18 months. He/she can pull his/her toy with a rope or carry his/her first baby in his/her bassinet to learn to walk. The most important thing is that your child has fun with its educational toy, whether it's in the bath, in its room or in the living room.